At Mentra, we are ambitious partners to our portfolio 

Who we are

Mentra Ventures is a dedicated, locally-embedded venture capital fund focused on nurturing early-stage startups in Wales. Our team brings together diverse backgrounds, industry experience, and local knowledge, enabling us to deeply understand the untapped potential in the Welsh startup ecosystem.

We invest across Pre-Seed and Seed, with the vision to transform the regional landscape and empower the next generation of Welsh entrepreneurs. If you’re an ambitious founder looking to make a significant impact, we want to hear from you.

How we work

Our approach consists of three main pillars

Ambition before investment

We actively source deals by building long-term relationships with entrepreneurs, demonstrate our commitment to their success by helping them along the way, constantly pushing them.

Transparent deals

Our aim is to offer simplicity in deals wherever possible, providing a standard term sheet on our website to showcase our approach. Being straightforward and empathetic people means that’s how we want to invest as well.

Startup Stiwdio

Our dedicated Stiwdio serves as the focal point for post-deal value-add, ensuring regular portfolio health checks, strategic connections, and next round readiness. We leverage our network of trusted advisors and employ a scorecard approach to maximize engagement and drive growth for our investee companies.

What we look for

We want to invest in Welsh outliers that meet our key criteria,

whilst staying sector agnostic to invest across the board in Wales

Ambitious, dedicated, and credentialed founders

Suitably large markets with potential for venture returns

Credible routes to scale and exits

Deliberate approach to team growth and incentivization

Objective, accurate, and considered perspective on competition

Significant and defensible differentiation

Validation of the business model and commercial traction

Initial revenues, or is pre-revenue & fits within our fund timelines & objectives

Mentra Ventures’ mission is to uncover, invest in, and incubate the very best of the Welsh early-stage ecosystem, transforming Wales’ startup landscape on a scale never seen before.

We are aiming to support 100 rounds across the next four years into category defining businesses, nurturing the next generation of Welsh entrepreneurs.

Mentra Ventures Limited

Company Number 14407979